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Subject: Re: FLASH: To Scene or not to Scene
From: Robert Koberg
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 23:36:22 +0100

I don't see this command available from Director or Authorware. The closest
thing I can see is:
-----------------from flash/Dir/AW help------------------------------------
Syntax: goToFrame(sprite whichFlashSprite, frameNumber)
Type: Command
Description: This command plays a Flash movie sprite beginning at the frame
identified by the frameNumber parameter. Using the goToFrame command has the
same effect as setting a Flash movie sprite's frame property.
Example: This handler branches to different points within a Flash movie in
channel 5. It accepts a parameter that indicates which frame to go to.
on Navigate whereTo
goToFrame(sprite 5, whereTo)

How would I pass the scene and the frame? I believe (and I am guessing)
that when the movie gets compiled it gets compiled into one long movie
instead of an array of scenes. The scene cues are visible to flash, but
they are not from the Asset Xtra. Does this make sense?


> > Yes, Rob there is when you use the Goto command. You select which sceen
> > before which frame. If you don't select a scene, it defaults to the
> > you are in. It has been there since the beginning of Flash.
> > Judy

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