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Subject: FLASH: Article Questions
From: Russell E. Unger
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 23:52:45 +0100

Hi Folks...

I'm writing an article for a magazine, and I'm a huge "Flasher" fan, so
I thought I'd toss out an opportunity for me to not only get to showcase
some of the finest works, but also see if there's any chance that any of
you want to share with me (unpaid) some of the work that you've done
that may fall within the categories of my questions.

<sigh> I believe I've been typing out answers for too long, so that was

I'm writing an article for a magazine. There are some Flash-related
questions and some otherwise. I'd like to know if anyone has examples,
based upon the questions (I already have the answers to all but #14) and
would perhaps like to answer a few questions/possibly be quoted in the

Yes, it's something for nothing. I apologize for not being able to
offer anything, but it's a decent New York magazine and if any work is
used (with permission), I will list URL and name, at the minimum.

Okay, here goes...no need to respond to the list for this, unless you
think it's beneficial to all. Please respond to: rungeratzaxcoms [dot] com

Okay, here's my questions...(again, all are answered but #14...it looks
like I have a sample of previous work for #'s 5 and 6)

1. Is there anyway to get an image to look like it's bleeding off the
left edge
of a browser's window?

2. I'm using some rollovers in a navigation frame. When users click on
a link, I
want new content to fill up a second frame and the rollover to stay
"on". Any
tips on doing this?

3. Is adding Flash to a page an "all-or-nothing" affair, or can I make
Flash buttons to use in conjunction with a static HTML page/frameset?
How's that
work and what's the advantage?

4. One of the biggest problems that comes up with Flash is whether or
not the
user's browser has a plug-in. How can I help alleviate this issue to my
and the users?

5. I've noticed that non-resizable pop-up windows are appearing on more
web sites
lately. How do I do this? How do I get the browser navigation to also
not show

6. I've got my pop-up window, now how do I get it to close or go away?

7. I can relate to CSS because I'm used to the style sheet concept, but

CSS-Positioning doesn't sound anything like a style sheet. What's the
relationship and what can it do?

8. I like the idea of tableless layout, but I'm just not ready to jump
DHTML. Is there anyway to make designing with tables easier?

9. I've begun to use some nice filters on my images, particularly drop
bevels and glows. The issue that arises is when I am forced to cut up
the images
and then place them in a table on an HTML page--the image pieces just
seem to have
tiny "folds" that look like glitches. How can I prevent this from
without re-editing each image piece?

10. I've been playing with Flash for a little while now and I'm very
excited by
what it can do. At the same time, I'm let down by it's limitations when
it comes
to personalization of the sites that I create, like I can do in ASP. Am
reaching the limits of Flash or is there more that can be done?

11. What's the difference between the <layer> tag and the <div> tag?
If they do
the same thing, why are there 2 tags and when should I use them?

12. I use style sheets in QuarkXpress, so I'm open to using them on the
Web. How does CSS work?

13. I want to jazz up my menus by using that cool sliding menu trick
I've seen or with an expandable text menu--what technology am I looking

14. When using Shockwave with my Flash files, I sometimes have
difficulty getting IE to "behave" when it comes to detecting my
browser's plug-in. What are the best settings for me to use so that
plug-ins will be recognized for my browsers?

Thanks, in advance, for your not nailing me to a cross for posing this.

Kindest regards,

Russell E. Unger
ZAX Communications

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