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Subject: FLASH: Ok kids it's crappy game time
From: Mik Garrison
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 01:07:25 +0100

Hello all,

I've been working on a Flash game for a few days now... and I think it's
about time to get some preliminary opinions.

In a nutshell it's your typical
type of game.

This is very much a "work in progress", although it is functional it is
missing some important stuff... a preloader/setup/instructions section, some
kind of payoff when you win, some sound, and some more graphics (different
meteor types).

General feedback is welcome, but what I'm really looking for is performance
feedback... how fast it plays on different types/speeds of systems. I've
got a K6-200 (1st gen) at home, and it get fairly sketchy (not unplayable
though) when a large number of meteors are on at one time... so I'm curious

One note... when it's done loading a try again text button appears... click
it to begin...

It is fairly big (108k) which bums me out considering the relative
simplicity of the graphics... the killer was having to have 50 different
library members for the various ship locations.

Thank you so much for your time :)

oh ya.. the url is http://www.devcenter.net/test


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