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Subject: Re: FLASH: Page crashes browsers
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 02:36:17 +0100

>> Dear Flashers,
>> A co worker and I did a little tsotchke for the company intranet, which is
>> making us look bad by crashing people's browsers.
>> http://www.jimcomix.com/enuf/
>> For security reasons, I can't give you access to the company's intranet, but
>> I've checked the MIME type on the local server and it seems to be set ok. So
>> I'm posting the offending page on my site. I think something else is at
> fault.
>> Any ideas?
> Talked my friend still using nn3 (running win95) into checking it and sure
> enough it crashed, so probably yes a javascript incompatability thing. He
> said:
>>> yeh, it crashed my nn3 when I clicked "click here!" it's also too big for a
>>> 800x600 screen, with no scrollbars *giggle*
> (he didn't know it's for an intranet, so you can ignore that screensize
> thing :)
> Laura

Hmm, he says the next time he visited the page, it worked fine, and had
scrollbars, so I don't know... might have just been a glitch in his browser,

> it did its little bouncy flashy thing, said "ENUF" then switched to "E-FUN"
> and said "click here for some fun"
> I clicked there, and it took me to a new page, this one is just plain grey,
> with "this is it" written in black in small letters in the upper left. it took
> me to mainpage.htm when i clicked, and thats what has the 'this is it" on it.
> oh, yeah, i think it lost the scrollbars the first time cuz i resized my
> window. when i went back, started with a maximized screen, and i had a
> up/down scrollbar.

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