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Subject: Re: FLASH: Getting the mailto: to work!
From: Bernie Goldbach
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 07:35:35 +0100

Michal Wynn asked for thoughts about his simple 2 scene Flash file that has
two buttons on it. The first button simply switches states on rollover for a
visual effect, and the second is a line of text which is turned into a
button symbol for the on click action of mailathk5 [dot] com (mailto:mailathk5 [dot] com)

The button won't launch the email client in Netscape.

That's normal. Microsoft supports the mailto action but that's not compliant
with protocols set by http://www.w3c.org . Netscape doesn't support mailto,
at least in versions at or before level 4. I don't know about NN 4.5 or NN

If you want to ensure that you get mail from a web page link, you have to
plan to use a CGI script or some kind of server side action. There is no
other work-around.

regards from Dublin,
Bernie Goldbach
dreamweaveratinteractive-avenue [dot] ie

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  Re: FLASH: Getting the mailto: to work!, Chris

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