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Subject: Re: FLASH: pteradactyl strikes again (this time for good)
From: Keenwitted
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 01:03:45 +0100

Thanks Larry,

I was waiting somewhat nervously for your assessment. As you can see, I did
put more effort into the graphics as you suggested last time. I guess I
should cross out bitmaps completely. Pteradactyl was so intricate I didn't
feel I had enough tools in Flash. Would you recommend that I get Freehand
even if I know Ilustrator?. In other words, are there any advantages to FH
re: its use with Flash? As the Illustrator King, you should be able to give
me a lowdown on these two. Did you see yourself on TV. None of the Flash
Gurus noticed they were featured on my site. Re: slowness of the shape tween.
I did it with as few frames as I could. I think it has to do with the music
coming in at the same time. I will have to do a preloader to fix this and
other sound synching problems on slower connections. Are you enjoying your
new job? any highlights or fun anecdotes? Thanks again for mentoring.
Hopefully, this will all pay of and will party at UCON 2000.

take it easy,


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