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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash4 will change the way the web works.
From: Judy Miller
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 01:50:32 +0100

> Flash4 will change the way the web works. Period.
> Troy.

Thanks so much for that post. Man, you had me bouncing up and down in my
seat. This IS exactely what Flash needed. And that was the best post I have
seen about Flash 4 yet.

The bulk of people I have spoken to over time, avoid Flash for those very
reasons, so much more so than the plugin issue. Sites need to be functional.
Balance, balance, balance.....

I am also certain, that the wee snippet that MM gave us for a preview,
doesn't touch the surface of what it can do.

Just look at how the use of Flash 3 evolved over time. It is when developers
start to push to see the potential that the magic starts to come alive.

Another angle, upon thinking of what you wrote about the if then,
statements, among other things. If this is obviously going to cut down time
by eliminating workarounds, that will translate into more time to be
productive. Gosh time is money, time is productivity, saving time can
sometimes be saving your sanity. I think these things alone are worth the

I hear a lot of points being made about what wasn't improved on, and many of
them are very valid.... very valid, but I always hear this everytime MM
comes out with an upgrade to any product. Greg is always laughing about the
pathetic vector tools in Authorware. I just read that line to him and he
laughed and said, I could write you a list of things that should have been
fixed in version 4.

Bottom line everyone, is that with anything, is your cup half empty or half
full? Man, put your shotguns down.

I too, was hoping for some graphic improvments, I imagine those are being
saved for even better improvisions with Freehand. I thought I heard
somewhere that the font issue was adressed? Perhaps I was wrong. And damn,
when is that trial going to be available?

Anyhow, thanks again for that post, I sent it to hubby....the programmer :-)

So, when will the 30 day download become available? :-)

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