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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash4 will change the way the web works.
From: Troy M. Gilbert
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 21:51:57 +0100

>> Flash4 will change the way the web works. Period.
>Thanks so much for that post. Man, you had me bouncing up and down in my
>seat. This IS exactely what Flash needed. And that was the best post I have
>seen about Flash 4 yet.

Well, I've noticed that Macromedia hasn't exactly been blowing people's
socks off with Flash 4. Yet... For me, its almost like Christmas... I've
got visions of sugar plums dancing around in my head... What other visions
do I have? Imagine combining Flash and Java into one engine. Flash acts as
the user interface layer while Java works as the backend. Both tools are
built around the network, streaming, compactness, and cross-plaforming. And
with the Flash 4 Player source intended to be released to the public, I
intend to integrate a Java Virtual Machine into the player. I see it as the
perfect distribution platform for the web.

>I am also certain, that the wee snippet that MM gave us for a preview,
>doesn't touch the surface of what it can do.

I haven't seen anything yet that would touch the capabilities of Flash 4.
Flash adventure games (i.e. Leo's Big Day) would take half the time to
engineer, they'd be smaller, and the inner workings would be far more
logical and intuitive. The possibilities are near limitless...

>I hear a lot of points being made about what wasn't improved on, and many of
>them are very valid....

Yes. The small fonts are still not rendering as well as they should. It
would be nice if you could selectively choose whether a font should be
anti-aliased or not. This could possibly be fixed by allowing
bitmapped/fixed-resolution fonts (but that would defeat Flash's
intentions). But, until I see the source code for the Flash 4 Player, I
don't know whether the font-anti-aliasing problem is a by-product of the
speedy anti-aliasing (which would not be fixable easily) or if its simply a
quirky rendering system.

Anyway, Flash 4 is good, not as good as it could be, but a huge step in the
right direction and a worthy upgrade from version 3.


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