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Subject: FLASH: Why should I?
From: Jim Antonopoulos :: Creative Access ::
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 06:40:36 +0100

Ok - Whenever I tackle a new problem, issue or job I like to think of it
from the end user's point of view.

I've noticed that there is a new Flash 4 plugin to be installed to get the
benefits(?) of the new Flash 4 content creator package.

As an end user as well as a designer - Why should I bother going to the
effort of downloading another plugin? Unless of course we can build Flash
content that automatically installs the plugin onLoad - is this an option or
have I missed something ? (*confuesd).

Why should they bother?
And what exactly, other than streaming mp3 (which has me in raptures) does
v.4 offer above v.3?


Jim Antonopoulos
jimatcreativeaccess [dot] com [dot] au
Creative Access Pty Ltd
Level 2
The Tea House
28 Clarendon Street,
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Tele 9690 7711
Fax 9696 1206

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