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Subject: Re: FLASH: Professional behavior? RE: FLASH: Alcatraz site
From: Roger Smith
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 10:10:53 +0100

Pieter, i once heard apeice of advice that helped a lot:

in a designer's mind there are only 2 kinds of designs -

good, and truly f'ing awful


"Olwage, Pieter" wrote:
> Sorry if I offended you or any member of this list Tirah.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> I just got all frustrated with the army of
> "hop-on-the-bandwagon-let's-hang-on-this-topic" people on this list. I am a
> BIG Macromedia fan ever since I first s Gabo's site about a year ago and
> thought that I'd join this list to learn more and to offer my help, instead
> I got mud flinged from all the intimidating old timers of this list and
> labeled as the "new" kid with somming to proove.

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  RE: FLASH: Professional behavior? RE: FL, Olwage, Pieter

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