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Subject: Re: FLASH: ultra beginner
From: hub
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 12:48:52 +0100



Either import images from 3DSM or similar then autotrace and tweak or

Use Adobe Dimensions which creates vector 3D artwork. However files output
from AD will should be tweaked in Illustrator before importing into Flash as
they always contain a fair number of masks/compound paths which can add to
the file size.
It also pays off to recreate any gradients in Flash as this helps reduce
file size.


Andy Field :: h u b m e d i a

> question:
> ---------
> how to handle 3d spinning objects ?
> Answer:
> -------
> Either import *.png images from 3D Studio Max (or similar program) and pray
> that you know how to compress the frames - so your movie size does not blow
> out of size proportion... example of this on http://www.matinee.co.uk (have
> a look at the buttons - 3D-Max rendered)
> Or...
> ... draw the imaging and frames in flash, frame by frame (hand drawn
> rendering) like http://www.eye4u.com does it (see the sample section - I
> think it was the first sample)
> If anybody has a better method of doing this I would like to hear about it..
> :-

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