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Subject: FLASH: Re: ultrabeginner/3d
From: - 21 -
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 16:04:43 +0100

>how to handle 3d spinning objects ?

>If anybody has a better method of doing this I would like to hear about

Personally, I use Rhino3d to take care of my 3d needs. The program
doesn't animate, so I have to do a little 'clay-like' animation frame
by frame. But the good thing about this particular program is that
it exports my objects as .ai files which import seamlessly into Flash.
I save all my frames in a sequence with Rhino and then Flash imports it all
in one click. I then do a little erasing of the extra lines then add the
gradients and then I'm done. There's even a beta out now for registered
users that allows hidden-line rendering making the tedious line-erasing
process obsolete. Price for this program is $795, I believe. It is a very,
very good program for NURBS modelling. I, however, got it at the student
price of $195.


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