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Subject: RE: FLASH: Question about Load Movie and Tell Target
From: Judy Miller
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 16:31:42 +0100

The basic diagram form is similar to the one I used for
> my Tell Target tutorial diagram. The URL for that is in my sig file.
> I've found this procedure helps enormously, especially if I
> am working
> on several things at once. Is this the kind of thing you were looking
> for?
> Dorian

Thanks again Dorian,
that is helpful, but I more so meant keeping organized in the movie itself.
As in pulling all labels on a layer of their own etc. I suppose I should
make good use of the comments fields. I tend to not use them, and going back
to something after a lag tend to lead to some head scratching before I
remember what my flow was. I suppose I am just wondering what methods are
best to structure the movies themselves. I have found that my own work can
get really convoluted.

thanks again,

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