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Subject: Re: FLASH: StarWars Scroll
From: Philip Likens
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 18:26:33 +0100

>Here's a "fake gradient mask" trick Byron Canfield (formerly on this list)
>posted. I think I referred to this yesterday but you may have missed it.
>Let's say you want to have text that scrolls from the bottom of the screen
>and gets smaller and has a gradient fade as it reaches the top. Choose your
>gradient and create it in a rectangle that covers the scrolling area for
>the text, making it fade toward the top. Now place your scrolling text in
>the layer above, and make IT the mask. As the text scrolls, it acts as a
>mask, revealing the gradient on the layer below.
>To get the 3D perspective, you will need to create the text in another
>program (I agree with other suggestions here to create it in a vector
>program such as Freehand or Illustrator), so it has a true vanishing point
>(perspective). Then you will need to tween it so that it not only moves
>upward but also scales smaller as it moves. At the end of the tween, the
>text should be scaled so that the width of any line is the same as the
>width of the line that occupied the same place on screen when the tween
>started. You can most easily match this up by using onion skinning.

barn was on this list???? wow.....i'm sorry i missed him, he's back
posting on the flashpad though.....hmmm.....he's cool...too bad he's not
still here. maybe i can get him to come back....what happened to make him

Philip Likens
-newbie moderator @ flasher.net
-graphical media & web "sight" designer

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