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Subject: Re: FLASH: Dental Beta-Site Check!
From: Ronnie Sampson
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 15:36:08 +0100

Overall, I think you've done a nice job on the Dental Beta-Site. I do
have a few personal observations to make, though.

First, I think your color selection needs a bit more contrast. The
white text (as well as the red initial caps) is a bit hard to read
against the blush colored background. I think the gradients are a
little overused, too. The bar below the top navigation might be nicer
as a solid or perhaps a different color.
I'm on a MacG3 running IE5 and when I click the Directions button, I
initially got nothing in the lefthand panel. I went back to that area
later, and the Directions JPEG did load.
I wondered also if the highlights in your services buttons shouldn't
be the same color as the top nav highlights. Currently they're a
brown color that doesn't go well with the overall color scheme. Is
your color scheme, by the way, intended to suggest teeth and gums?
It might be a good idea to limit your typeface selections a bit more.
Right now, I think there are too many and it makes the content seem
less cohesive.
Finally, You should have someone proofread the copy. At a glance, I
noticed several typos such as a misspelling of periodontal and a less
common spelling of aesthetic in the services section (under
appointments, overall should be one word).
I think you've got a nice piece going here, but I think it could use
some refinement. Maybe choose a few things that work well and make
the rest of the elements conform to them. One last nitpick (and my
apologies if it seems I'm shredding your work. I'm only offering my
honest opinions). Several pages have arrow buttons that don't lead

Hope this is helpful.

Ronnie Sampson

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