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Subject: Re: FLASH: Processor Speed
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 22:56:27 +0100

At 9:11 AM 5/29/0, Jason Bouwmeester wrote:
> Was just wondering if there was a way to compensate for processor
> speed with Flash movies? ...I've done a lot of development on a
> PII 350, but then on a PII450 it goes like hugely fast.

As you pointed out, setting a desirable framerate would be the way to
ensure the top speed.

Background: In an event-based animation system, you're guaranteed that
every frame will display. If the tasks required to draw each screen are
greater than what the computer can provide, then the play rate will slow.
(In a time-based animation system like digital video slower machines
will usually drop frames instead of time... in an event-based animation
system like Flash or Shockwave slower machines will usually drop time
instead of frames.)

If you set a very high framerate -- one greater than your slowest target
machines can reach for that content -- then this essentially tells each
computer to play each movie as fast as it can. To guarantee that each
computer displays every frame, then try setting a lower framerate... this
will force fast computers to not go faster than a slow computer would.

More info:

"Why can Shockwave offer higher frame rates than Flash?"

"Flash for Videographers and 3D Animators"

"What are some ways to synch audio in Flash?"


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