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Subject: Re: FLASH: Re: LiveMotion Pros & Cons
From: daniel gray
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 23:40:09 +0100

John Dowdell wrote:

> All are capable of comment, but I have a question on that last one... when
> people have asked why the "Library" in LiveMotion is so different from the
> existing Library in Flash, the reply has been that LiveMotion handles
> dynamic library functions for you, hidden, with a name of "alias" instead
> of "library".
> But if you apply a transform to such a cloned element -- such as skewing
> something you've duplicated, for instance -- then from what I recall of the
> beta all the other copies will also skew. In other words, the transform
> matrix seems to be applied to the original copy of the artwork, rather than
> to its instance on the screen.
> Am I reading this right, or are *all* transforms applied to individual
> instances of this implicit library? Thanks in advance for pointing me in
> the right direction here.

John -

LiveMotion's Alias thing is merely an editing feature. It has *nothing*
to do with the automatic optimization on export.

On export, LM looks at all of the objects in the file and says, "hey
dooooode, you don't really want to export a dozen of the same exact
object. I'll export it once and call it a dozen times."

Or something like that.

I'll be focusing on how to create tight SWFs at my little LiveMotion
seminar here in Joisey next month, and again at WebDC in August.

> btw, if you happen to come across a SWF made with LiveMotion that you're
> particularly excited about, then I'm sure folks here would like to see it
> too, thanks.

Here are a pair of cheezy little ITGs I knocked out with LM this


(don't forget, I said cheezy ...) :)


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