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Subject: Re: FLASH: Mac memory req...help!
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 02:54:27 +0100

> I just want to know what these settings are
> and what they do. Are the settings of 2000 and 7000 correct or will I
> overload some machines? Please help.

Personally I increase them til my programs don't tell me I'm out of memory
when I'm trying to do something, and if my computer crashes or I can't open
two programs at once anymore when I want to or the like, I decrease them
back down again until I find a happy medium. Frederico will probably die :)
There's no "correct" answer for the settings, and the defaults are
invariably too small :)

> Also, as a am a Mac Newbie, crossing over from the land of Windows, can
> someone clarify...what is Virtual Memory & what does it do??

Basically Virtual Memory lets you pretend you have more ram than you really
do by taking a piece of your hard drive and turning it into ram. It's not a
real good idea especially on the newer systems. If you have an older system,
or really don't have the ram you need and can't get it, you do it anyway out
of desperation :p Leave it off unless you just can't get your computer to
work without it. Then buy more ram instead :) Never use it to more than
double (that is, if you had 4 megs of ram, you could set it up to 8, but
you're really pushing it to try and go higher than that, etc.)


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  RE: FLASH: Mac memory req...help!, Matt Perkins

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