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Subject: Re: FLASH: Check this Game, please
From: Thorsten Schmiedel
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 09:30:28 +0100

Hi all,

first of all, thanks for taking a look at the game!!!

Uhm.. I'll try and answer your questions;

This is a promotional game for a medical company....
Provas is a medical drug that blocks certain protein-molecules which cause
increased blood pressure (AT1) while not affecting very similar proteines
(AT2) which have just the opposite effect. So your task as provas is to
catch the green guys while trying not to be hit by the yellow ones.

I send the name and the score to a cgi on the server which then generates a
txtfile called hiscore.dat and a html-page with the hiscore-table on it. the
html does not matter in this case; it is just for further purposes
(dynamically posting game-players on the company's site-homepage e.g.)
At the time the hiscore-table appears, I read out the hiscore.dat-file which
looks like n0=player0&s0=score0&n1=player1&.... and put the content of
the variables into different editable text-boxes (plus a little additional
scripting for the scores, since in Germany you don't separate numbers with
points but with commata and there is no option in flash for switching this.
Afraid I can't help you with the cgi, because a fellow programmer did it for
me (ok, ok, I know.... but I never been a programmer , like)

yeah, smoother movement functions would have been a great deal; in fact I
had a very cool mouse-control but the customer wanted it to be
key-controlled and I never figured out how to make it really smooth this
way... any suggestions anyone??? (would be very thankful)

thnks..... Gre vom Niederrhein; hat's bei Euch auch so gestrmt neulich?

hmmmm....tried it in the same configuration here... seemed to work allright;
thanks a lot though..... unexpected bad news is always good news in a way as
long as it is not coming from the customer but from helpful people like you;
I'll try and figure out what this bug is all about..... can you tell me what
type of machine you are using?

Thanks again and excuse me please for wasting a little bit of bandwith with
this fat one.....



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  RE: FLASH: Check this Game, please, Ilia Pasymansky

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