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Subject: RE: FLASH: Calendar (was: forgotten thread - shift-click??)
From: Nathan Dicken
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 14:48:59 +0100


>that's cool,
>do you really need to have the TAB key pressed with the first click??

Thanks :) The TAB key is used to distinguish between a single date
selection and the first click of a date-span selection. For the date span,
the first click is the span start date and the second click is the span end
date. Each click on a date without having pressed the TAB key is just a
single date selection. I realized that the first click on the calendar
once the swf opens will be a normal click - even with the TAB key pressed.
I'll fix this but overall what you do is just press and hold the TAB key,
make the first date selection, and then release the TAB key. After that,
just make the date selection for the second date. Clicking the second
click will reset to normal single-date clicks after that.


I checked out the calendar that you were working on and everything worked
good. Just a couple questions... I noticed that there was a small flicker
when the swf opened up as the dates and all were being set. Are the Save
and Clear buttons working now? I tried Save and it went to a "please
wait..." loop. Also, will there be function to switch between months? If
you get things worked out with spanning between dates or if you have any
other questions just let me know...


>As was mentioned in another response to your original post, you can't
>monitor the Shift key being pressed in Flash, but you can specify other
>keys to do the same function. The interesting part in this came when tying
>to monitor the key release, which can't be done but you can mimic it...
>Check out the following and let me know if that's close to what you're
>thinking of. You can use the TAB key in place of the Shift key for now to
>span between dates (press before clicking)...
>Right now, if you switch months, it loses the data that is stored in the
>days from the previous month, but that could be changed fairly easily just
>based on how the data is stored. Hope this helps...

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