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Subject: FLASH: site check
From: Mark Sheppard
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 15:43:02 +0100

Hi everyone!

Well I have been having some problems with my monitor so today I decided to
pack it up and ship it back to the co. for repair.
Much to my dismay, when I hooked up a monitor borrowed from a friend and
jumped back on my project, the page looked horrible. All the lines were too
thin, and the alpha settings on a couple items were way too light etc..

I was on a 19" monitor (1280x1024@85Hz) and switched to a Packard Bell 15"
(800x600@60Hz) with no brightness setting of any value.

Would some of you mind checking out the site and let me know how it displays
(i.e. readable etc.)?

critiques / suggestions are also welcome, it's my first site and I am going
for simplicity, but I will add some "flash" before it's completed.

luckily for me the people I'm doing the site for are having a terrible time
with their Domain name registrar.
It has been two weeks!?!?, 3 phone calls and half a dozen emails and the DNS
servers are still not updated correctly.
How long does it normally take for changes to be seen? 24hours average /
min / max ?

I definitely would not recommend them to any one. http://www.technocom.net
a quote from their support page :
"Our policy throughout has been to put customers first. Your solution will
have non-stop support from expert technicians. "

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