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Subject: FLASH: bit rate and flash in html frames
From: Steven Zeller
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 16:10:15 +0100

>>>Few days ago there was a thread about bit rate. I understand what sample
rate is - how many samples are taken per second. I also understand what bit
depth is - the range of amplitude every sample is taken with.
But what is bit rate? From what I read I understood that it has nothing to
do with bit depth.
Please, someone who knows, clarify that for me.

there's a couple things bit rate could mean, but i believe you're talking
about bandwidth as in "28.8" or "56k" for kilobits per second. this
describes connection speed to the internet and has no practical relation to
audio sampling.

if i have a daughter, i think i'll name her natalia. gorgeous name.

>>>How does one pass variables between frames?

short answer: one uses the "get" and "post" commands and attaches
variables to the end of the url.
long answer: one reads the manual.

>>>3. I did try typing main, "main", _main into a widow field on get_URL

you need to establish frames and also NAME them in your index. as in:
<frame name="_yourframe" scrolling="NO" noresize src="_yourframe.html">

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