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Subject: Re: FLASH: Opinion on a site
From: AndrewScratch
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 21:00:52 +0100

Well, I went in with the bias that this might be a poorly engineered, piece of babbling eye candy. I played with it a while and realized that it was in fact (in spite of its' complexity) an intuitively structured, deceptively clean site.

It is, though, somewhat complex because of the amount of interactivity required to navigate, as well as the abstract relationships between equally abstract icons.
Having to click through each sentence of the prologue was a bit tedious, too. But there is a very creative and unique visual system here, and after you get a sense of the design, it's simple to get around.

(IMHO) The layout seemed to be a mess, at first...but this is mostly due to the strangeness of the iconography(not to mention I'm sort of a symmetry freak). Take the the document history growing/faceted/thing. Freaky graphic, but a very creative idea.

The custom background image, color, skin color and sound options are neat toys. I also like the "breathing" menu crystal with its simple, periodic table-like menu chart. Very tech.

Overall I love it...the monochromatic palette, simple lines, simple font, primitive 3D, unique navigation system, the highly interactive features...all quasi-scientific, cyberorganic, neofuturistic and all. :)

Is an overuse of Flash? For a strictly information oriented site, I would have to say absolutely yes. But as a good example of the range of intractivity capable with Flash, or as a "show me" site for design heads and their ilk, it's great.


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