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Subject: Re: FLASH: Syncing Sound
From: Dave Hollinden
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 23:40:05 +0000 (GMT)

>If you come up with some tips or tricks please share them.

Another good syncing trick for sound effects is to create at tiny sound
file that can loop many times, and then start and stop it at key frames
associated with action in the animation.

For example, in a recent cartoon I worked on a kid stepped on a scale. The
dial spun round and round for a period of time that might vary depending on
processor speed. Then the dial stopped and displayed the word "Normal" at
which time there needed to be a "ding" sound effect. It was hard to sync
this precisely since the dial animation might play slow or fast. So I made
a sound file for the dial that consisted of only one click of a ratchet
sound. I embedded it in the same frame that the dial started to spin, and
set it to loop 100 times with a long slow fadeout over the repetitions. In
the frame where the dial stopped I entered another keyframe set to the
ratchet sound with its sync parameter set to stop. Then in another layer I
entered a keyframe for the ding sound. In this way the ratchet sound plays
along with the dial no matter how long the dial spins, and the ding plays
precisely when the dial stops. Also, I got 2 seconds of sound effect for
the dial out of a 0.1 second ratchet sound file.

If this explanation doesn't do it for you, email me directly.

Dave Hollinden
Audio Engineer
Jet City Studios, Seattle
dhollindenatjetcitystudios [dot] com (mailto:dhollindenatjetcitystudios [dot] com)

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