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Subject: FLASH: Flash Bug Report
From: Len Harrison
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 20:37:38 +0000 (GMT)

We've found the following bug in Flash. Has anyone else noticed this or been
able to verify the cause?

Situation: Multiple .swfs on layers 2, 3, and 99. Layer 99 has global
control buttons to go to top of module and top of presentation. Layer 2 is
module. Layer 3 is current topic. Layer 0 is top of presentation. Nothing on
layer 1. Current active buttons on layer 99 and layer 3 which contains
primary content. Layer 2 is parked on a blank frame.

1) If a button on layer 3 is in close proximity to the buttons on layer 99
and the mouse is swept over these three buttons repeatedly and rapidly,
Flash crashes on NT 4 Workstation and Server. This applies to either player
or IE 4 and 5. In the case of the embedded movie, IE crashes. Have not
tested Netscape. This occurs within one to ten minutes usually but is not
fully repeatable.
2) If a button on layer 3 is distant from the buttons on 99 but is a large
button and has an action attached to it, sometimes the same effect can be
produced by clicking the button on layer three and then rapidly rolling over
the buttons on layer 99 while the .swf on layer three is still changing
state. In the case in point, a bitmapped screen shot shows a menu which,
when clicked, closes the menu. In this case, the button involved is
invisible on a layer in a movie clip of bitmaps. But in the previous case,
the button is a "normal" vector image. All examples do contain bitmapped

Additional info:
The two buttons on layer 99 which are involved in this are actually
regrouped and resized full-screen images. So they have been reduced in size
many times (50-100 times smaller than their original size?). This might be a
factor. I don't know.

Possible cause: Don't really have one. Best guess is that multiple buttons
on different levels are trying to change states at the same time causing
unknown failure mode. Seems to require rapid triggering of over and out
states across buttons on different levels to occure. Example 2 would look
like a special case of the above. None of these buttons have any actions
attached to the over state, just highlighting.

Anyone have any ideas on what's happening? Has anyone ever seen this before?

len harrison
instructional designer
lenhatabtcorp [dot] com

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