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Subject: Re: FLASH: Importing graphics from Illustrator
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 23:32:23 +0000 (GMT)

At 10:23 AM 11/24/98, Todd Reinsch wrote:
> I am trying to import a graphic in flash that I created in Illustrator.
> My challenge is trying to maintain the same color values that I
> specified in Illustrator.

This is sort of a FAQ here, but it still catches many. As noted in
subsequent posts, Illustrator 7.0 and above can support an RGB colorspace
like Flash. Flash's AI import filters, however, use the common AI formats
that several applications support. Therefore, not all newer Illustrator
features like RGB will automatically be in the current Flash import filter.

(Background: CMYK is commonly used for print, and its range of colors is
not as broad as a monitor's RGB space. This is one reason why many
pre-press tools have added hexachrome support: the additional orange and
green plates increase the color range of CMYK. Versions of Illustrator
prior to 7.0 used CMYK, and so that these formats are what most
import/export filters support.)

If you have intricate RGB artwork in ILL7+ and wish to bring it to Flash,
then options include: importing as CMYK AI into Flash and recolorizing; or
importing the AI to FreeHand and exporting as SWF; or turning to a bitmap
in Illustrator and vectorizing in Flash. (This last isn't as onerous as it
seems, because PostScript-based tools may not necessarily optimize curves
as a screen-based vector tool would.)

Summary: You're likely seeing a shift from vibrant RGB to muted CMYK, due
to the recent addition of RGB spaces to the AI file format.

If you find that you'll be using the Illustrator -> Flash path frequently
in your work, then please do drop a vote for shifting resources into
specific import filters for AI7+... "wish-flashatmacromedia [dot] com" will log
the vote, thanks.

(Btw, welcome to Eric Hess... nice to have you on the list!)


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