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Subject: Re: FLASH: font n sound in flash movie
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 03:06:32 +0000 (GMT)

At 09:54 AM 11/25/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi pple,
>I realised that if I used a font that's not present in another computer in
>my flash movie, it will appear as the default (times new roman ?),

That's not true. Flash exports the font outlines when it creates the .swf

>If I set the DEVICE FONT parameter to TRUE in the
>OBJECT and EMBED tags, will this solve the problem ?

Actually, this will CAUSE the problem because this setting makes Flash use
the user's resident fonts rather than your original font outline information.

>One question about sound, I'm using Wave Studio from Sound Blaster to
>record some sound clips from my CDs, I realised that the file size is
>really big for 7sec music, it 330KB, is this normal ?? is there a way to
>compress the file ?

Sound takes up lots of file size. Try converting to 22kHz sampling rate,
maybe even 11kHz sampling rate, 16 bit (8 bit will probably sound awful,
but try that, too), and certainly make it mono. If Wave Studio does not
allow you to do these conversions, download a copy of CoolEdit shareware
for the PC (http://www.syntrillium.com) and you will find the function
under Edit>Convert Sample Type. Be sure to work with a copy of your sound,
not the original, unless you can easily recreate it :-)

Marc Hoffman
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  Re: FLASH: font n sound in flash movie, mingo

  FLASH: font n sound in flash movie, mingo

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