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Subject: RE: FLASH: Need urgent help
From: Rey, Chrissy
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:31:51 +0000 (GMT)


Might be a good idea to name this file something else if this CD is going to be used on any PCs. I ran into the problem of start.exe myself :-) The "start" command in DOS runs other executables, so it can really screw your CD up. I just changed mine to "intro.exe"

>>>What is the command (in the start.fla (later to be start.exe)) to start
>>>playing a swf file in one of the maps.
>>>Usually I use "load movie" with a name of a swf file, but this is always is
>>>in the same map, but now I want it to search in another directory. Panic!
>>>How do I do that?

Just reflect the relative location of the second SWF. Let's say you have your initial movie (the EXE)
in the root directory of your CD. Then you have two folders (map1 and map2) that contain the rest of your stuff. If you want to load the movie "myfile.swf" that is in the "map1" folder, just put "map1/myfile.swf" in the load movie :)

If that doesn't work, you can also turn the initial movie of each map into an executable and then use the FS Command "Exec" to open it up.

Hope one of these methods works for you :-)

Chrissy Rey
Web Developer
United States Trustee Program
United States Dept. of Justice
chrissy [dot] reyatusdoj [dot] gov

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