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Subject: RE: FLASH: Check this....
From: Quinn Merio
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 22:01:06 +0000 (GMT)

BEAUTIFUL airplanes!!!! and That Dartboard is wicked! And, I can't believe that Grass was created in StudioMax. You are truly talented with that program... (wish I had the extra time to tackle the learning curve, and the 2 grand to buy the app.)

The small Flash anims are pretty cool, as well.

I am surprised, however, that the site itself is not more interactive. You could accomplish what you have done with this site almost entirely with Java rollovers. It is an attractive layout and design, but with all of the possibilities that Flash offers, you could put a lot more into it. Try some animated buttons, or sound... I keep expecting something to appear in the green square on the left. Take advantage of the fact that curves are strong and anti-aliased at large sizes in flash (not feasible in traditional web design) and have animations that literally jump out at you.

It is a subtle and tasteful site, but have some fun with Flash and see what it can do for you.

Just my two cents,

Q u i n n I M e r i o
Graphic Designer
N Square Systems Development Corp.

From: Thomas Suurland
Sent: Friday, November 27, 1998 12:35 PM
To: flasheratshocker [dot] com
Subject: FLASH: Check this....

<<File: ATT00002.html>>Please look at this.. www.suurland.com

And tell me if you like it...

Thomas Suurland

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  Re: FLASH: Check this...., Roger Smith

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