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Subject: FLASH: FLASH RE: (FF5 Site)
From: Matthew Gardner
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 17:27:00 +0000 (GMT)

Logan Gray wrote:
]The site is

Hey guys.. I just wanted to point out how their service
works (I'm a graphic designer in the adult industry).

One of the biggest issues in the industry is how to keep
members subscribed to your service (it's like a monthly
magazine subscription). From all the different content
you can have, it's *very* expensive to keep the latest
and greatest stuff on your site (meaning once a member
has seen everything, he or she will most likely cancel
the account).

This company was looking for a way to keep members
interested without upping their cost. The answer: FLASH.
What they've been doing is creating a cartoon (similar
to anime) about five girls (similar to the spice girls)
who travel through time fighting (in more ways than
one) with all the bad guys. They currently have four
episodes and add a new one about every two weeks.

Now, if you do want to see the inside of this site
be aware:
[1] You must give them your credit card information
to see the tour (you ARE NOT charged anything - the
number is simply run through card validation software)
[2] The 3-day FREE membership MUST be cancelled in
24-hours else you will be charged a subscription fee
of $29.95 for the next month. (To cancel write a
message to their support address provided on the
inside of the site)

These guys are highly respected as they are the only
ones in the industry utilizing flash. (smart, very

Happy Surfing,
Matthew Gardner
Creative Director
Core Communications, Inc.
http://www.sexexperts.com/ (not yet developed)

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  No Subject, Logan Gray

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