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Subject: FLASH: Window Launcher, Version 2 Now Posted
From: Colin Moock
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:40:04 +0000 (GMT)

Hi all,
Well, I finished the code and tutorial for the new version of my
browser-window launching routine for Flash (known as Technique #3 if
you're familiar with my site). Those of you who have been using the old
version should definitely upgrade to Version 2 at:

Here's what's new:

1) Window Popper now checks for checks for previously launched windows
before it launches a new one. If the user tries to open a second window
before closing the first one, Window Popper will notify them that the
window is already open, and will bring it to the front of the screen
(feature not available in IE3). This feature was much more annoying to
implement than you might expect. There's a disturbingly long list of
browser bugs and incompatibilities that make the workarounds kinda

2) I fixed the BACK button problem many of you were having where
pressing BACK on the browser caused a window to relaunch instead of
returning the user to previous page. This is an extension to the BACK
button fix posted on November 23, 1998 in that it now accomodates for
Netscape4's problematic implementation of history.back() by sniffing
Netscape4 and using location.replace() instead of history.back() for
that browser only.

3) The window features are much easier to use because I broke them out
into separate lines instead of using the huge single line.

4) The tutorial is generally improved and cleaned up.

For those of you that don't know about the Window Launcher, it's a
method for launching secondary browser windows from Flash that works on
ALL JavaScript capable browser (yes, EVEN Netscape 2.0 if you can
believe it). You can find instructions on how to implement it, complete
with code samples, at the above URL.

If you know anyone who's not on the list, but uses the old version,
please let them know. And, as usual, if you have problems using the
launcher or find bugs, please let me know...that's why there's a
Version 2 now :)

Happy Popping!


** I think that's why you don't see this implemented with full
cross-browser support very often. I scoured online sources, Danny
Goodman's Bible, and the O'Reilly JavaScript Definitive Guide, but
nobody mentions the bugs. If you're interested in what they are, you
can read my article on the non-flash way to do popups here:

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