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Subject: Re: FLASH: IE and Flash
From: Paul Hagwood
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:47:53 +0000 (GMT)

>No, it doesn't. You are sent to MM only if they don't have the
>plugin/ActiveX control depending on what code you use.

Thanks but I'm afraid that it is the case. We are using Aftershock and
for some reason (if they have the plug-in or no) everyone who comes to
the site is sent to MM's site. I've since taken out the only line of
code that mentions anything about MM's site, but we haven't tested it
yet. The only problem is that means anyone who doesn't have the plug-in
will see nada, nothing.
I really am at a loss as to why this happens.

>If they are not connected how are they viewing your site?

I can see why you would be confused. The site I've been developing is
for IBM and it demos software that IBM reps are trying to sell. The reps
have a local copy stored on their harddrive and they use that to show to
customers. But when they open it (and they do have the plug-in) they get
the error. I think this is the offending lil' bugger: OBJECT

ID=hostpublishing WIDTH=553 HEIGHT=473 .........but I'm not sure.

Any further help would be great. Thanks so much for responding.

The site will go live in only a couple of weeks. Then I can show you,
but until then, it's behind the firewall.
Paul Hagwood
Multimedia Designer

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