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Subject: Re: FLASH: Syncing Sound + other lame questions
From: Dave Hollinden
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:59:00 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Bill,

>first off- I have three tracks that I created for a web page, 1 drum track
>and two synth tracks. They are the same tempo etc,except the drum track is
>4 bars that loops and the synth tracks are supposed to come in 'over' the
>drum track when a button is moused over.
>Is there anyway to sync the synth tracks to the drum track? I would like to
>sync them to the nearest bar of music but would settle for syncing them to
>each loop of drum track, (so even though there could be a delay depending on
>where the drum loop was when the button was moused over, at least the two
>tracks wouldnt be off-beat)?

No, there's no way to sync them. Flash has no awareness of bars and beats,
and once a file starts looping Flash has no idea where its at in the file.
But you could make the synth tracks non-rhythmic so that they could just
overlay on top of the drum track without needing to be in sync.

>Also, what is the best way to set the drum track to loop? in a frame
>action, (on the last frame to go to frame 1) or in the sound tab (loop =
>100 etc)? would one way or the other make for a larger file?

Make it loop in the Sound Tab. Looping a sound file has no affect on
overall Flash file size since the sound file is only imported once. You
may even find that you can get extra mileage out of your drum track file by
getting some button sounds out of it. In your of your button DOWN states,
insert a keyframe set to the drum track file. Then set the in/out cursor
points in the Sound Tab to select only the attack of a drum, or maybe a
ride cymbal. Play around with it. You can find some pretty interesting
sound effects this way that reuse sound files that are already in the Flash

Dave Hollinden
Audio Engineer
Jet City Studios, Seattle
dhollindenatjetcitystudios [dot] com (mailto:dhollindenatjetcitystudios [dot] com)

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