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Subject: RE: FLASH: my first flash....(it is slowly demystifying)
From: Quinn Merio
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 19:21:37 +0000 (GMT)

I can't view it. (wintel 450mhz, NT 4.0, IE 4.72). It crashes my browser every time. Strange... never had this before... and I can see all of the sites that "the MIME is not set right on".

> This is rudimentary, but I am learning flash and am sure to
> have many more
> questions of this nature before it is over.
> My first flash movie is a simple sequence which can be played
> over and over
> (more a result of lessons and tests than an actual project).
> http://nashville.citysearch.com/E/F/NASTN/0000/20/86/
> <http://nashville.citysearch.com/E/F/NASTN/0000/20/86/>
> I wanted to add a "loading..." buffer which I did, and it
> works except for
> the animation in this scene doesn't display. I found that a
> movie clip WOULD
> play in this scene but I could never create a movie clip. I
> have a book
> about flash which I could not really recommend to
Q u i n n I M e r i o
Graphic Designer
N Square Systems Development Corp.

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