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Subject: Re: FLASH: tekst along path (John Croteau)
From: John Croteau
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 20:11:56 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Yuri,

> > Do you mean I have to make like 30 symbols for the phrase: "introduction
> > during 30 seconds", and then creating 30 symbols, along path?
> > Even if I would like to test it if it's the kind of animation I want, it
> > would be hell to make it....ok
> If you want all 30 Letters to closely follow and be aligned to a path
> then the letters would have to be Tweened separately each on their own
> layer with their own motion path.
> The only real problem is to keep the motion paths aligned together. They
> will each have slightly different starting and beginning points and when
> you copy and change the motion path ends you don't want to misalign the
> main portion of the motion paths.
> Though not required making text into symbols symplifies aligning the
> text to the path since Symbols have center crosshairs and text doesn't.
> File size will normally be only slightly affected (a byte or two) when
> converting single letter text each into symbols.

One more advantage of making the Text into Symbols is the ability to
change the center point. For instance it may work better to move the
center of the Symbols made from the letters from dead center to the
baseline centered at the bottom of the letters. The letters would then
ride on top of the line instead of centered on it. Though you could
create the same motion either way, one way might be easier to implement
than the other depending on the particular animation.

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