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Subject: Re: FLASH: MM Project Mgmnt Books
From: Colin Moock
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:38:07 +0000 (GMT)

flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
> I would like to know a good reference book or guide to managing
>Multimedia Projects. A reference that offered good templates for
>timelines, etc. Good design managment and project scheduling of work


Here's what I got from one of our project managers (and a good

The ultimate:
Rapid Development
Steve McConnell
Microsoft Press
-this is really for hard core software dev. but works well for
multimedia / web sites

-the other best general guide on Project Management is available from
the Project Management Institute web site. It is called the "Project
Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK) and is the standard practice
guide for all project management. It is available free in acrobat
format. Inispensible.

The not-so-ultimate:
There is also the Multimedia Producer's Bible, by Sams, but it is the
usual Sams book with seven thousand pages of top-level instructions on
the internet and its sordid history and about 50 pages of real content,
written by 80 authors.


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  FLASH: MM Project Mgmnt Books, Cathy Pierson

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