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Subject: FLASH: looking for good Flash freelancers
From: brian
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 23:07:10 +0000 (GMT)

I have three projects coming up which will involve some Flash and although
I've made some myself in the past, I'd rather focus on the sites and backend
programming work. So I want to know who out there does freelance Flash work
and what you charge hourly.

Examples, sites, portfolios as well. Also special interests so I can see
where we click.

The first project is a redesign of an older site I did as a business
venture with some partners a year or so ago. I'm redoing the whole thing and
offered a Flash version as an option in the redesign. It would basically
involve taking existing graphics and making a Flash alternative version
which would be served up to Flash-capable audiences using Active Server
Pages to browser detect.

The second one is some Flash which would be embedded in an Access ActiveX
control in a front-end database for a large magazine/conferences group.

The third is a pet project of my own. This is the one I'm most excited
about. I have a site/magazine I'm putting together. Users can choose how
they want to see the site and one of the three designs I have in mind is
Flash- (and possibly Generator-) based. It involves a movie-theme and
possibly also some RealFlash.

So? Talk to me.


-- Brian

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