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Subject: Re: FLASH: (OT) web design software for mac
From: Webmaster calypsostudios.com
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 18:18:46 GMT

Yes and No. AGL and DW both produce very clean code. However, just like any
other program, they are only as good as their user. You can, indeed,
completely destroy code with AGL and DW if you are, well, an idiot. But if
you know the ins and outs of a program, the benefits of using one of the
aforementioned far outweigh the side-effects, if you will.

We pride ourselves in producing high quality sites that load quickly and
have efficient code. In fact, we've been contacted by several companies to
do work, because they like the fact that our sites have clean code. Most of
the work (90%) is done in AGL, the rest is hand coded. I only hand code when
I have to, which isn't very often.

on 11/30/99 11:55 AM, Rule, Kristin at kruleatcyberserv [dot] com wrote:

> interesting. i have always been a big supporter of hand coding everything
> and I have always scoffed at WYSIWYGs. I use Homesite right now. But, I am
> looking to speed my production time. Does Adobe Go Live REALLY produce
> clean un-mutated code? Can the coded pages be easily opened in an editor
> like Homesite and changed?

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