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Subject: RE: FLASH: (OT) web design software for mac
From: Frederico
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:32:33 GMT

On 11/30/99 10:55 AM, Rule, Kristin via kruleatcyberserv [dot] com, said:

>GoLive -- won't rewrite your code,. . .. Database support is more limited,
but >
>can easilybe handled by <no edit> tags.

Unless it's WebSiphon or NetCloak or. . . <w>

>Dreamweaver -- integrates with Flash better. . .

Ummm.. does Dremweaver3 allow you to edit URL targets and JavaScript in
the Site Window now? DW2 certainly didn't.

I humbly submit that AGL is far more powerful when dealing with
Flash-intensive sites.

If your only reference is AGL's unwillingnesss to display Flash animation
in preview mode, I'd have to counter that it is a minor inconvenience,
when you consider the one-click preview in browser is only a Command-T
away (especially if you use multi-monitors for genuine previewing,
anyway), and is easily overwritten by the ability to change a link or
JavaScript function on the fly.



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