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Subject: RE: FLASH: RE: John Croteau Book ?
From: joe shoults
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 20:24:30 GMT

I haven't seen John's book yet, but I think nearly everybody here will step
up and say that if 1/2 of what John contributes here and on his sites is in
the book, it is well worth the money! Also, while it may seem that the
concept of employing solid instructional design principles and effective
curriculum is foreign to the Macromedia Flash manual authors ;-), it is not
to John. From what I know of Mr. Croteau, he is particularly attentive to
curriculum and offering "real-world" value through his examples- not just
another book that says "this button does this, that button does that, here,
make the cute little yellow birdie fly".

There are no less than 8 books published or soon-to-be published right now:


> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Doggett
> Yeah, The Flash 4 manual is o.k. for beginners but there is Jack out there
> for advanced users other than downloading .fla's and disecting them...
> Can someone comment on the level of these new Flash 4 books or
> are they just
> someone trying to make money of re-wording the Flash 4 manual and adding a
> couple of their own examples in it?
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