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Subject: Re: FLASH: TANGENT: blueprints to VR walkthroughs? {MAC}
From: Michael Penne
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 23:42:42 GMT

FormZ(Mac/PC) is one of the best for
mech/architextural work (and yes, imports dxf + most
other CAD files). Check out Ridner's 'FormZ Modeling
for Digital Visual Effects and Animation' at Amazon
for a comphrehensive overview of this program. As far
as the small file size, FZ does export to .ai, but you
lose alot of info (re-texturing/coloring/and shading
in Flash is most bandwidth efficient, anyway.) Keep in
mind that learning a decent 3d program makes learning
Flash feel like a cakewalk, (although many things
like keyframes, instances, and scripting will be

As far as full screen photorealism, it ain't here yet,
and accepting the limitations of QTVR (small windows
and large files), Flash3d (via illustrate or traced
bitmaps-> simple cartoon style files), or various
streaming *MLs (polygonal artifacts and pixelated
textures) are pretty much a given for 3d on the web at
present....if you want it to look 'real' my opinion is
that QT (compressed with MCP and Sorenson
Pro->terran-int.com) and QTVR offer the best
available quality for the largest audience.

--- Jefferis <Jefferisatpathway [dot] net>
> Are there any programs that will take the blueprint
> information from CAD
> programs, {I assume as DXF files? } and allow you
> to render mockups and
> add surface textures, etc...
> and perhaps [ hope against hope] let them remain
> small files like vectors
> for import into Flash or QT for web viewing?
> Thanks
> Jeff
> Jefferis Peterson, Pres.
> Web Design and Marketing
> 410 Woodland Ave.
> Grove City, PA 16127-1824
> http://www.PetersonSales.net
> jeffatpetersonsales [dot] net
> Tel & Fax. 724-458-7169
> ICQ 19112253


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