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Subject: FLASH: loading movie into movie clip
From: Laura Hamilton
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 01:35:28 GMT


I am working in Flash 4.

I have a movie clip for the portfolio section of my website named

Inside this main movie clip I have one movie clip per frame on a
"screenshots" layer, one for each of 35 screenshot images that I will make
available in my slideshow.

I have converted all of these screenshot images into .swfs. Inside each
individual movie clip is a Load Movie command that loads the image .swf for
that frame. My whole purpose in doing this is to stop all those images from
having to load at the beginning of the movie.

So for example, in "mc_slideshow":

Frame 1 contains "mc_01_wwfullpage", and "mc_01_wwfullpage" has one frame
with the following action:
Load Movie ("01_wwfullpage.swf", 01)

OK, so here are my problems.

a) I understand that to load a SWF into a movie clip instance I should use
the Target option and not Level. But I cannot ever view the SWF in my test
movie if I choose Target. The only way to get the SWF to show up is to
choose Level 1 as my option. The code I tried was: Load Movie
("01_wwfullpage.swf", "mc_01_wwfullpage", with no results. The SWF didn't
show up at all in my test movie.
Why doesn't the Target option work in this case?

b) When I choose Level 1 and get the SWF to finally play in my test movie,
it stays up in the upper right corner no matter what. I have tried Set
Property below my Load command to change the X and Y positions. I have tried
it with a target of "mc_01_wwfullpage" (the movie clip that contains the
SWF) and for "01_wwfullpage.swf" (the SWF itself), but nothing will get that
damned swf to change position...it just hangs up there in the upper right
where it does me no good. How can I move my SWF to where I need it to be?

c) Last problem so far...
Most of my SWFs are just bitmap images, screenshots of websites I've
created, ads, whatever. I have some Flash banners though. When I get these
to show up in my test movie using the above tactics, I have the same problem
as I do with the bitmap-based movies, they hang in the upper right no matter
how I try to reset the X and Y using Set Property.
But I have an additional problem with the Flash banners...they are shown in
their entirety, including pieces of the banner that are supposed to be
offscreen in the work area. When I view these SWFs normally, they play
perfectly fine with the Flash Player. But as an SWF loaded into my MC I see
everything in the work area too. How can I stop that from happening? Why
does the loaded SWF show the work area?

If anyone can help me with any of these three problems (probably they are
inter-related somehow), I will be eternally grateful. Of course I could just
go back and put the original images directly into the frames and forget all
this, but I want the images to load on demand and not all at the beginning.
Am I going about this all wrong?

Ugh. Help please!

Laura Hamilton

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