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Subject: FLASH: Question (newbie) concering perhaps eval
From: Rainer Egle
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:19:38 GMT

Hi all,

I load several movies in a main.fla via php. The result of the php-file look like:

menu_count=12&menu_text1=Eckhard Ammann&menu_text2=Thomas
Baltzer-Fabarius&menu_text3=Herbert Bauer&menu_text4=Dietmar
Bnke&menu_text5=Anton Frick&menu_text6=Herbert
Glckle&menu_text7=Gerhard Killy&menu_text8=Fritz
Laux&menu_text9=Armin Roth&menu_text10=Helmut
Seichter&menu_text11=Michael Wobbermin&menu_text12=Alfred

In frame 3 of the main-movies I load them with following script:

Set Variable: "/menu_template:menu_count" = menu_count
Set Variable: "x" = 1
Loop While (x <= /:menu_count)
Load Movie (eval("moviename" & x), x)
Set Variable: "x" = x+1
End Loop

this works fine. But now I want to control if they were loaded with a script
like this in the next frame:

Set Variable: "s" = 1
Loop While (s <= /:menu_count)
Set Variable: "fl" & s = GetProperty ( "_level" & s, _framesloaded )
Set Variable: "tf" & s = GetProperty ( "_level" & s, _totalframes )
Set Variable: "percent" & s = Int(fl & s/tf & s*100)
Set Variable: "s" = s+1
End Loop

what I want is to get the values framesloaded and totalframes of the loaded

And in the next frame I want to display the value of e.g. fl1 in a textfield, but
I think the is a bug in the script which starts with set variable:"s"....

Can someone give me a hint, perhaps I need the command eval or
something like this, but I am a newbie and any help is appreciated.


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  Re: FLASH: Question (newbie) concering p, Muzak

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