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Subject: Re: FLASH: Deleting unused items from the Library?
From: Colleen Appleton
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 20:33:18 GMT

1) Is it safe to delete an item from the Library that it doesn't tell you is
unused? What happens if it is really used somewhere? Does the art just go
away or does it fill in the void with something else (Director used to do
this...you could end up with scripts in graphical channels and all kinds of
nasty things would happen).

A: I wouldn't delete any item until you find out why it isn't listed in your
unused items. An item won't show unused if it's inside a clip or grouped
object. If you delete it anyway, your clip will show a small square where
the object use to appear. Every instance of that object will have just a
tiny square where it use to be if you delete it. Yes, the art just goes
away and no, it doesn't fill in the void. It's gone. Find what is using
the object and if not needed, delete that first. Then you can check to see
if that frees it up.

2) WHY aren't my unused items showing up as unused? Bug? By design? Is
there a way to force them?

A: They are used if they didn't show up when you did a check. Something in
your library is in need of the graphic.

3) Why does pasting from one movie into another still refer to existing
symbols in the other movie?

A: When you paste something from one movie to another, it copies every
object over to the new movie that was used in whatever you pasted. If you
have a movie clip with say... 10 graphics in it.... those 10 graphics get
copied over to the new movie with the same names as in your old movie.

Also, if you copy over a graphic with one name, into another movie which has
a graphic with the same name, and the graphic was different, you will have
problems if you wanted 2 different looking graphics. You need to have
unique names. If you're afraid to delete an object, rename it, or modify
it, just make different objects with unique names and when you are satisfied
with the looks, keep a back up, but in your new movie, get rid of the old
versions of graphics.

I always keep different versions on backup in case I accidently delete
something I needed.

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