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Subject: FLASH: Flash Feature Requests
From: Tommy D'Aquino
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:30:41 GMT

There are two features that would aid in the Flash development process
immensely! These features are a hide/shy layers feature and a jump to Label
(Marker) feature. Both of these features are for the Timeline window, cater
to the Flash developer to ease and expedite the Flash Creation process.

The first of these features, Hide/Shy layers, will help tremendously in
conserving screen real-estate. It would have a toggle button added to each
layer in the layer switches area that would set that layer to be shy or not.
Another item would be added to the View menu (and possibly to the main
toolbar) for Hiding shy layers. When a layer is "shy" and hidden, it's
characteristics are still active and visible on the stage, but the layer's
timeline is temporarily removed from the timeline enabling the Flash
developer to only view pertinent timelines on which he/she is working. This
feature is available in Adobe AfterEffects and is an invaluable tool.

The second feature, Jump to Label, is based on Macromedia Director's jump to
Marker. As the user creates Labels on Frames while in the Flash development
stage, the labels would be automatically appended to a Flyout/DropDown list
available from the timeline window (probably near the Center Frame and Onion
skinning buttons). This feature would act similar to the Center Frame
button only it would first move the playback head to the Frame of the Label
selected and then Center it in the timeline window.

Please consider this features for a Flash 5.1 as many developers would hate
to have to wait for these until Flash 6 is released.

Thank you for your consideration,

Tommy D'Aquino
Animator / MultiMedia Developer

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