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Subject: FLASH: Creep show in Brazil
From: Jose Savio Ponte
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 20:18:44 +0100


We're just finishing a little Flash Game for kids and like to hear your
comments about load time, stream, performance and difficulty level.
The game is about a special season at one of the most popular park here in
our country. Is a kind of a halloween, but just inside of the park. The goal
of this game is to show the products related to it and how the event goes.
Once inside of the game, you have 3 choices: to live, to die or see the
The game is in portuguese, so here are some usefull translations:

entre = start
voltar = back
jogar novamente = play again
voltar ao site = back to the site

The rest of the texts are related with live, death, and some horror and
creep stuff.
URL: http://www.todaba.com.br/jogo_noites.html

Just in the case some of you have missed, you can also check a Flash Cartoon
for kids, for the same company, at http://www.todaba.com.br/tudo.html

Note that the MIME type problem remain unsolved, we're working on it.

Sávio and Flávio - Web Designers
savioatcompugraf [dot] com [dot] br
flavioatcompugraf [dot] com [dot] br
Cumé que bicho faz - Ziraldo (Flash Cartoon for kids)

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