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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?
From: ed
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 10:26:22 GMT

hmmm- wel i feel that most applications that try and be too much, too 'all
purpose' end up watering down their real strengths. I would far rather see
macromedia put their efforts towards the real benefits to the user as far as
professional use is concerned (download time, interaction with databases and
the users environment etc..etc..) and that seems to be the way they are

Flash is still a tool just as any other application is, and at the end of
the day it is always the idea that counts not the skill behind implementing
it (although there are plenty of 'hats-off occasions about - i do admit')
If you wanted to create a comlpex gradient or chrome effect then
applications like Corel Xara will do all the Photoshop type effects within a
vector environment and illustrator 8 now has some sort of mesh-gradient
thing i belive. If anything should be done to the flash drawing tools it
should be to improve their general useablity maybe more in line with other
packages that deal heavily in vector (freehand, illustrator and even
fireworks i guess)

It does allways seems unfair in having to get a whole suite of tools rather
tan one great big super-tool but then thats nearly allways the way if you
use the best-man-for-the-job method of working. As far as you question
goes - toy or serious designer tool? -then I think that should be referring
more to the workman not his tools. Just look at all the fantastic work thats
been developed using Director - have you ever used the drawing tools in


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From: David Gary <dgarystudiosatnetwide [dot] net>
To: flasheratshocker [dot] com <flasheratshocker [dot] com>
Date: 28 October 1998 09:46
Subject: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?

>THis post is directed toward MM, but Id thought I'd throw it up on the list
>to see if it would get some response and input from professional designers.
>I think theres been a huge change in effectiveness from FLash2 to FLash3.
>With the introduction of MC(movie clips), this has somewhat provided
>own Lingo. Also with great addition, is Load movie features. This can keep
>designer with loading only one HTML doc, with designing an "All Flash" site
>without the viewer waiting for the entire site to load at once or have to
>and load
>other time consuming HTML.
>Also transparencies and animated buttons is a major improvement of the 2.
>However I think a few things might need to be pointed out. For one: most
>sites still have that that sore "vector vs. jpg" thumb. THis means when
tying in
>Vector images with imported jpgs, they usually dont complement one another
>since Vector is so crisp and images exported in Flash have awful "banding"
>Lossless is a optional feature, but impractical in a 28.8 world.
>Another main problem is the limitations of gradients in FLash3's tools.
>THis is one of its major downfalls and keeps it very limited for the
>With only Linear and radial gradients, Flash is greatly limited and is
>become the "newbie" cartoon proggy for the net, instead of a serious
>Most Flash sites that take advantage of gradients tend to be ether, Square
>i.e. the eye sore 3D ball or Cube. Without more gradient power, i.e.
>tool that directs the soft edges, we will see more of these "havent I been
>Also without 3D support, Flash will be in contention to battle larger
>that have bigger budgets to push them to the forefront. "Chrome effects"
come to
>mind from Microsoft. 3D is in big demand an would greatly improve Flash's
>Flash3 has some nice powerful new features, but only in the interactive
>area. The "Tool" area is still very limited to the artist and tends to
>dimpy graphic proggys. Ive seen more options in Win95 paint.
>And 98% of Flash sites you see will still remain to look the same, until
>"Tool" area
>is revised.
>Of course this is my 2, but I thought it would stir up some conversation of
>needs of developers. I believe these things should not sparingly be placed
on a
>list", but seriously discussed by developers to help the proggers at MM
>etch our
>future in stone. This is "our" future. Macromedia has developed one helluva
>"eyebrow" lifter, but at this point, it is still an "eyebrow" lifter and
>much else. If we all spend our time in using this new technology then I
>its about time to join in and help these guys keep creating the "new"

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  Re: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious design, David Gary

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