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Subject: FLASH: RE: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?
From: Michael Coombs
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 17:01:54 GMT

D.Gary wrote, and I thank him...

>However I think a few things might need to be pointed out. For one: most
>sites still have that that sore "vector vs. jpg" thumb. THis means when
>tying in
>Vector images with imported jpgs, they usually dont complement one another
>since Vector is so crisp and images exported in Flash have awful "banding"

I have just started in on Flash. I fulfill designs for a very creative art
director who uses
a lot of airbrushed gradients. I was shocked (excuse pun) to find out that
I had to
use Flash's jpg'ing and couldn't set up my jpgs in photoshop.

Why can't flash jpg a gradient without banding when photoshop can? Why
can't I link or import a file
that has been successfully jpg'ed in another program? or can I? Any help?

I agree with Gary, the flash sites are much too vector looking.

Look at the difference in these backgrounds:

No flash jpg: http://www.trilliumdesign.com/esi/noflash.html

Flash gradient: http://www.trilliumdesign.com/esi/


Michael Coombs
(530) 477-5777

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