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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?
From: Rusty Worden
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:58:48 GMT

You know, I have to Agree with David on at least one of these points. I was just speaking to my co-worker the other day about how nice it would be if Flash offered more design tools. At least a Bezier (I don't know how to spell it...how about phonetically...be zee ay) pen tool. It's rather shocking that it doesn't have one. I think if we are to be limited to using vector graphics for optimum performance then the tools in Flash should be advanced enough to create some more realistic illos.

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At 12:05 PM 10/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>ed wrote:
>> hmmm- wel i feel that most applications that try and be too much, too 'all
>> purpose' end up watering down their real strengths.
>Hiya Ed,
>I see you point, but dont you think the more options the better? I mean look at
>3D MAX and all the support from the plug-ins written for it. Thats exactly why
>what IT is. I dont believe that ANY application can be too much. Extra options
>add to the learning curve. Flash, being a "professional" developer's tool,
>should abide
>by how quickly one can learn it. I would lake interest in programs that are
>to be easy to learn if they lack the extra options and important tools for that
>> I would far rather see
>> macromedia put their efforts towards the real benefits to the user as far as
>> professional use is concerned (download time, interaction with databases and
>> the users environment etc..etc..) and that seems to be the way they are
>> going.
>They are going there and have been tremendously with Flash3. "Generator",
>"Streaming Vector", "Load Movie", "Movie clips", and "tell target" come to mind.
>However, the tools have remained somewhat the same. Its great for the new
>Lamborgini to have added electronics, additional horsepower, etc, but if it
>changes it's look or color, people really dont talk about it a whole lot.
>FLash is a "Eye candy" creating program. The added "lingo-like" strengths are
>outstanding and hats off to the boys at MM for that, but who was handling the
>dept.? Evidently they went to lunch alot. =8>)-
>> Flash is still a tool just as any other application is, and at the end of
>> the day it is always the idea that counts not the skill behind implementing
>> it<snipped>
>Kinda a "cliche", more than a good topic debate, dont ya think?I disagree. How
>can you ever implement the idea without the tool?
>Ideas are great and most of the time we never know what they're all about,
>of limitations in the tool.
>> (although there are plenty of 'hats-off occasions about - i do admit')
>> If you wanted to create a comlpex gradient or chrome effect then
>> applications like Corel Xara will do all the Photoshop type effects within a
>> vector environment and illustrator 8 now has some sort of mesh-gradient
>> thing i belive. If anything should be done to the flash drawing tools it
>> should be to improve their general useablity maybe more in line with other
>> packages that deal heavily in vector (freehand, illustrator and even
>> fireworks i guess)
>Well, I agree that if MM doesnt plan on updating their tools in Flash4 then
>I would hope that they would create their other programs to support it.
>But that would just add to another application on my task bar and another
>3 to 5 hundred bucks outa my pocket. Why direct energy working on other
>programs to support the program of topic? Why not direct that energy
>to the program itself. I could even see a good WYSIWYG implemented in FLash
>and throw out AfterShock. Of course I think we know this part of the discussion
>is all about mucho.
>BTW, the implement of vector gradients from programs
>like freehand and illustrator, turn out with awful results in FLash3 and dont
>do anything different than a "lossless" bmp to the file size.
>> It does all ways seems unfair in having to get a whole suite of tools rather
>> tan one great big super-tool but then thats nearly allways the way if you
>> use the best-man-for-the-job method of working. As far as you question
>> goes - toy or serious designer tool? -then I think that should be referring
>> more to the workman not his tools. Just look at all the fantastic work thats
>> been developed using Director - have you ever used the drawing tools in
>> that?
>Director, drawing tools, what drawing tools?<g> I dont wont to get into
>Dir, unless we're talking CD-rom development. I still dont see any good use
>of it on the web and I certainly havent seen large companies using it on their
>websites. The games created with it for the web are weak.(IMO) and I would much
>rather pop a CD-rom into my puter to play any games. Flash on the other hand is
>more noticeable when it comes to efficient interface, animated "layouts" and
>time waiting for it, therefore tends to draw companies attention for use.This is
>in turn brings professional artists and developers out of the woodwork.
>The bottom line is: The caveman being a better artist than I, is limited in
>his "vision" with his hollow stick and grinded pigment, than I with my Paashe AB
>turbo, no matter how many other cavemen see it.
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