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Subject: Re: FLASH: RE: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?
From: David Gary
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:39:11 GMT

Michael Coombs wrote:

> D.Gary wrote, and I thank him...
> >However I think a few things might need to be pointed out. For one: most
> >FLash3
> >sites still have that that sore "vector vs. jpg" thumb.

> I have just started in on Flash. I fulfill designs for a very creative art
> director who uses
> a lot of airbrushed gradients. I was shocked (excuse pun) to find out that
> I had to
> use Flash's jpg'ing and couldn't set up my jpgs in photoshop.
> Why can't flash jpg a gradient without banding when photoshop can? Why
> can't I link or import a file
> that has been successfully jpg'ed in another program? or can I? Any help?
> I agree with Gary, the flash sites are much too vector looking.

Hiya Michael,

I hope I didnt confuse anyone. Flash's vector application is the backbone to
streaming images across the net. However the way Flash handles its exported
lacks to a certain degree. Even when exporting with settings at 100% there
still is bad banding problems. Lossless does the trick, but destroys any use of
the application on the net with file size. With the way Flash handles images
streamlined somewhat and a more control of gradients, i.e. "airbrush" type of
tool, the marriage between vector and jpg/bmp would be much more excepted in
the developer community.

> Look at the difference in these backgrounds:
> No flash jpg: http://www.trilliumdesign.com/esi/noflash.html
> Flash gradient: http://www.trilliumdesign.com/esi/

BTW, I saw "Geri's game" at Siggraph '98 this year. Very funny and great
animation. Did Pixar use proprietary software as usual or are they switching
to commercial due to increased Pent speeds?



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  FLASH: RE: Flash3, Toy or serious desig, Michael Coombs

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